In the year 1997, the price of fruit continued to drop and local farmers suffered greatly as a result. As a company proud to be a native of Chanthaburi, Thailand’s “city of fruits”,   Chanthaburi Global Foods spent as many as three years coming up with and trying out different solutions while pioneering various technologies. We were then one of the first businesses in Thailand to adopt the food preservation technology known vacuum freeze drying. The technology preserves fruit without heat, retaining all their original shape, aroma, flavour and natural nutrients. The product can be kept for a longer period shelf life, with no changes to the quality, no additives and no preservatives. Vacuum freeze drying method increases the value of the goods and their export potential.

What’s more, when we first bought the farmers’ produce, processed them and exported them, they were able to sell their crops at a reasonable price and overcome the crisis, proud of the fact that their produce could build up Thailand’s reputation, be sold abroad and gain the trust of consumers around the world.

We have maintained our good relationships with the farmers, who have become like our brothers and sisters. Today, we offer contract farming to ensure a fair price for them as well as consistent quality of the products. In addition, our production process meets international standards and is environmentally friendly, including for the communities around our factory. We have a wastewater management system. Our waste disposal is managed by an external agency while we use surplus raw material from the production to make organic fertilizer.

Chanthaburi is hailed as the “city of fruits”

because it has perfect soil environment and a suitable climate for farming that grow signature rich flavors so hard to erase from one’s memory. As a proud native of this province, Chanthaburi Global Foods has dedicated our efforts to preserving  professionalism and the quality of our products for over 20 years in order to present Chanthaburi’s fruits, grown with the farmers’ love and care, to the world to taste and love its delightful abundance the way we do.



We manufacture Freezed drying Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs using the technology of Vacuum Freeze Drying with the goal of offering good wholesome products of the highest quality to our customers.

We also manufacture the frozen products, including Frozen Fruits and Vegetable. Our entire manufacturing process follows strict standards, using Flash Freezing technology for producing the highest quality frozen products