Chanthaburi Global Foods is the pioneer in introducing vacuum freeze drying technology to fruit processing in Thailand; which helps to improve the shelf life of processed fruits, and allows for more convenience in transportation. With this technology, the processed goods will be able to keep the shape, flavor, aroma, and nutrients of the fresh fruit. Our products are sold under CGF and Fruitural brands. In addition, we also provide other services, including retail packaging production, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and business-to-business (B2B) production, logistics as well as research and development (R&D). Every step of our processes are handled by a team of experienced professionals to ensure that our production and goods achieve global standards.


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Premium Quality

We care about every detail in our production process starting from selecting the best crops from the farm. Our products can be traced back end-to-end from the farmers to the quality of packaging process. This is because we produce in a modern factory certified for global hygienic standard, therefore, we are able to ensure that consumers can trust in the quality of every piece of our products.


We prioritize every process from selecting raw material to delivering to consumers in order to guarantee no foreign body contamination and consistent high quality. In addition, we also wholeheartedly take care of our employees with good governance; as well as our farmers, who have received fair and decent contracts which can foster sustainable agriculture in Thailand.

Social Responsibility

We believe in the idea of a sustainable community. That is why we focus on safeguarding the environment surrounding our factory as well as giving back to communities. We believe that when communities are strengthened and happy, it will have an impact on the quality of the goods produced. The goods are good, because they came from farmers’ care and joy, coupled with the support and happiness from people in the communities.